Sleek Hair

  • $29.95



Ditch the hairspray babe. The crusty, greasy look is gone forever.
Say hello to sleek, flawless and polished hair.
All. Day. Long.

You won't believe how easy perfect hair can be.

Perfect Finish is perfectly sized to take anywhere with you. It can be applied in under 30 seconds for stay-all-day sleeky goodness. Use it in the morning & throw it in your gym bag, your work bag or the car.



See-ya damage, heat styling, and chemical sprays. Perfect Finish doesn’t make your hair crusty or hard, instead it strengthens and conditions hair. With a strong and long-lasting hold, our gel keeps your hair neat and soft. Suitable for all ages and all hair types.

How To Use:

Our Perfect Finish was designed to be the life saving miracle bottle that helps to cut down your hair regime (think simplicity over clutter). Perfect Finish is ridiculously easy to use. Simply swipe the wand through your hair like a mascara wand. This will evenly distribute the perfect amount of product. Leaving you with healthy looking hair that feels like you have no help at all, and a stay-all-day perfect finish.

I Have Lots Of Flyaways And Baby Hairs, Help!

We’re coming to the rescue babe! Fluffy motherhood baby hairs? Getting home from work looking like you’ve been electrocuted? Choking on hairspray trying to tame the unruly hairs? Let’s sort this out right now. Say goodbye to a thousand products (crusty hairspray and slimy gel? NO, thank you sir!